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Gregory J. FurmanGregory J. Furman, Founder and Chairman,
The Luxury Marketing Council

As far as I'm concerned Peter "walks on water." For me it was 'a click' from our first meeting; so much so that he is a partner, with honorary membership in The Luxury Council, and architect of our "Marriage of Business and The Arts" series. Peter’s many gifts include his in-depth understanding of the "culture" of the luxury industry-every segment-and how to make the arts world a viable 'working' partner for brand awareness and customer appreciation. His considerable assets include his creative ability to think strategically, always with the big picture in mind and his appreciation of the day-to-day business imperatives of top management. He is an intelligent deal maker and possesses the ability to understand and keep a sharp eye on "measures of success" both qualitative and quantitative. Peter is extremely resourceful and has a most impressive network of top management folks who think as highly of him as I do, and will return his calls in a New York minute. He possesses both media and marketing savvy, and has a great sense of humor and is just great fun to work with. I'm grateful to count Peter as a friend and as a trusted advisor and I routinely seek his counsel and, since we first met, have always trusted, respected and relied on his good judgment, both business-wise and personally.

Carol BrownCarol Brown, President Emeritus Pittsburgh Cultural
Trust, Heinz Endowments Trustee

Peter's management of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's strategic national communications program, working on behalf of the Trust and the Heinz Endowments, was extraordinary. His understanding of cultural enterprises, his creative thinking, his strategic planning, and his capacity for detailed execution of the program achieved results beyond our expectations. Additionally, he possessed a keen comprehension as well as pragmatic application of the Trust’s activities so they could be viewed as enlightened public policy. The Trust was able to re-engage both the political and media decision makers in Pittsburgh in a public dialogue as well as witnessing them become pro-active advocates of our efforts. These actions were the direct result of Peter’s work and his efforts.

Gwin ChinGwin Chin, Editor, The New York Times (retired)

Apart from our professional association spanning nearly 20 years in my capacity as an editor with the Arts & Leisure, Cultural and Magazine sections of The New York Times, I recently recommend Peter’s consulting firm to The National Museum of Korea in my capacity as consultant to its new director. Geah Ltd. was engaged to develop a situational analysis that would address the director’s desire to increase worldwide visibility of the institution. Geah, Ltd. was the first Western communications specialist firm to be hired as a consultant by the museum. The extensive site-visit report was both pragmatic it is approach and provided concrete solutions to the dilemmas facing the museum’s stewards as they consider expanded exposure to the West. Its awareness and sensitivity towards the nuances of a distinctive cultural heritage along with its ability to translate those traits into positive pro-active and comprehendible actions for a Western audience, will greatly aid the museum in its goals.

Jennifer LuceJennifer Luce Founder and Principal, Luce et Studios

Peter Carzasty represented our studio at a critical moment in our evolution. Carefully and thoughtfully, Peter‘s work for us has catapulted our name and brand image to national and international recognition in the architectural and design community. Today, two years later, his efforts continue to resonate and develop meaningful connections for us. He is dedicated, thoughtful, creative and thorough. Peter’s ability to conceptualize a strategy for communication is a powerful tool. Insight into characteristics and aspects of our business that we did not see as strengths have now come to the forefront as assets thanks to his meticulous investigative process. I owe our recent success to his work with us.