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Philanthropic sponsorships continue to be a means of underscoring corporate principles and social responsibility. In today’s marketplace, “arts marketing” is a growing field primed to achieve a variety of corporate objectives. Geah Ltd., develops programs and alliances designed to solidify brand identity and amplify the loyalty of best customers, by forging effective alliances between business and arts marketplaces for effective outcomes.


Geah, Ltd. is uniquely positioned to fully comprehend, appreciate, and respect the intersection between the corporate world and that of the arts and their respective cultures. Developed organically, Geah Ltd.’s programs drive deeper relationships between company and customer becoming complementary components of marketing/advertising, branding or public relations/affairs plans.


Leadership experience with more than 20 years of media relations, execution and brand positioning. A key criteria for individual program development includes an evaluation of media value, strengths and news-worthiness.


A comprehensive range of consultancy to over 50 New York, national and international cultural institutions and corporations along with the communications launch of more than 18 cultural facilities and programs in communities throughout the United States and abroad during founder, Peter Carzasty’s professional career.


Culture is defined in the broadest sense to include: performing and visual arts, science centers, aquariums, botanical gardens, educational institutions, architecture and design. Peter Carzasty has direct experience within all categories listed