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The arts provide society with a sense of well-being and enjoyment, a spirit of community. While art, intangible and elusive, is no panacea for our social problems and economic concerns, it is nonetheless powerful enough to bolster our common humanity and nurture our faith in the ability to achieve a future of spiritual and material fulfillment. Without the creative impulse that art offers, no society – and no business within it – can long flourish and achieve greatness. Good art is good business. Good art is good citizenship. Whatever sequence we employ is immaterial.

Peter B. Carzasty

Geah Ltd Donations and Arts Support

Before creating Geah, Ltd., the majority of Peter Carzasty’s professional career centered on the non-profit world, primarily in the performing and visuals arts, design and urban planning areas. Geah, Ltd. was formed with a commitment to establish a level of support for non-profit causes and institutions in three related distinct ways:

  • 10% of gross revenues generated by Geah, Ltd. each year will be earmarked for donation.
  • Projects developed and/or generated around non-profit cultural or social causes will receive at least a 20% reduced fee from commercial or corporate rates.
  • 10% of personal work time each year will be given pro-bono to organizations seeking advice and assistance, utilizing resources and networks established during a 25+-year career in New York City.

Listed below are organizations Geah Ltd. supports. Please check back on occasion for updates, project recommendations and/or causes Geah, Ltd. is supporting and perhaps see how you might find a way to join in as well.